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Mantak 'Suppressor' Line Art by Sayanim
Mantak 'Suppressor' Line Art
- (Update 7/9/15) -
2 More years. Now a joyful father of two...just hardly committed any time to paint. Still, managed to pick up my Intros and spent about 2 hours playing with painting this mech. Still rough but I'm liking where it's going. Hope you like it too!

- (Update 12/18/13) -
CAN'T BELIEVE it's been 2 years since I last updated this drawing!!! Ahhhhh!!!
This is like the never-ending drawing for me! :P
The progress, as slow as it that I've added some preliminary grey-scale shading. Probably good enough for black-and-white Manga quality...but I'd like to push this further and hopefully see it become a full colored, detailed painting :D Your prayers over my progress would be highly appreciated XD XD

- (Updated 11/24/11) -

Here's the latest update on the Suppressor's development. Based upon the last sketches, where most of my design decisions were made, I noodled in the details, particularly section lines and "between the creases" stuff, into the line drawing. Feeling pretty good at this point as to where this battle robot is going. I also flipped the image horizontally just to double check the perspective work on this robot - it's a great way to check whether a drawing looks right or needs adjustment. And all this just in time for Thanksgiving too haha!

Happy Thanxgiving to y'all and stay tuned for further developments!

- (Updated 11/17/11) -

Hi folks! It's my birthday! And just so happen, I've made some progress on the last sketch which I'm excited to share with you!!!

I've refined a bit the 1st rough sketch you saw in the last edition. One great challenge was to determine the shape of the Suppressor's frontal legs. I'm trying to steer away from being too extreme on boxiness and "speed-form-ish", both of which are commonly found on most American Comics and Sci-Fi concepts. In short, I want to achieve a ergonomic, yet functional look and feel. And I still want it to feel "well protected".

This unit, called "Suppressor" is a autonomous robot that is made to "hold down" any position with heavy armor, massive fire power, controlled by a powerful AI with sophisticated battle awareness.

It is heavily inspired by 1) IDF's Merkava program and 2) Ghost In The Shell's "Tank". Equipped with an adapted variant of Israel's renown Iron Fist APS, the head-mounted 105mm smoothbore gun is extremely nimble at detecting, targeting and neutralizing any incoming threat, including RPGs, artillery rounds, vehicles and armed personnel.

Its greatest weakness is that it carries very limited ammunitions. Although it carries the battle proven APAM rounds, only 3 live rounds are ever carried at one time. It also stores an additional 7 more APAM rounds.


Sayanim's Profile Picture
D.C .Chai
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

I am not a mistake. I have been put on this earth for an amazing purpose and destiny. I've been given amazing talents, and a heart of gold.

I've wasted too much time pleasing people. In fact, I've made a career of making people like me - sacrificing my own dreams, dignity and pride.

I've allowed my past failures to defeat me, and pin me on the ground. But now I realize they made me stronger. Faster. Nimbler. Sharper. It's time for me to RISE. It's time for me to SOAR.

I no longer sell myself to "fit the industry". My dreams are too priceless to be substituted with second bests. Life won't just happen to me anymore...

It's been too long. 

Over a year since I wrote anything here...boy time flies!

Not many of you know, but I've for long been a great fan of martial arts. I've studied Taekwondo and Aikido for years, but never felt competent to fight in the streets, should I get forced into a ugly situation...

So I've recently begun to dive into the art and practical fighting techniques of Wing Chun. And it's changing my life. 

And I'm SUPER lucky...I'm not learning Wing Chun from just anyone. I "stumbled" upon the world-renown Sifu Gary Lam (Google him).

I'll be uploading pictures and, perhaps more importantly, sketches of visual notes I took, about my life as a student Wing Chun. Stay tuned! <3
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